Issues Fixed in Vista Field Service 2022 R3

The following issues were fixed in the Vista Field Service release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Current portal users were receiving the Welcome email when they were not supposed to. 107174
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.2+.
Custom employee groups that were based on an SQL query that included the phrase lastupdated were not returning any results. 107096
Password reset notifications sent via SMS were failing to strip out non-integer characters from the phone number (such as dots). This resulted in send failures on the email server and invalid recipients being listed in the Mail Log. 107145
The Navigate to TC1 Homepage link displayed even if the portal setting Show TC1 Link On Nav was not selected. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup > Advanced Configuration.
Note: The application menu (waffle menu) in the navigation bar is now tied to the option to Show TC1 Link On Nav. If you do not select Show TC1 Link On Nav, the application menu will not display either.
The following error message displayed whenever a user attempted to upload a custom report in Portal Settings, even if the file name was not a duplicate: Duplicate Filename Detected. An existing custom report with the same name has been found. Are you sure you want to continue? It will overwrite the existing rdl file. 107293
In Manage Lookups, lookups that included @AuthToken in the SQL query failed to return results. 107181
Photos taken on Andriod or iOS devices were being incorrectly rotated.. 107237

Form Templates

Issues Fixed Issue #
Form attachments that were set as required were not being required when a user added the form to a service trip. 107514
Resolved resizing and editing issues for signatures on custom forms. 107532

Service Manager Dashboard

Issues Fixed Issue #
Duplicate work orders displayed in the grid for service sites that had site and customer work orders. 107516

Work Order Dashboard / Work Orders

Issues Fixed Issue #
When adding work completed items to a scope, users could create purchase orders over the limit set in Quick Create - Max dollar amount allowed when creating, if this portal setting was being used. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Quick Create 107051
For service lines entered in Field Service, craft overrides designated in Vista PR Craft Templates were not being used or updated on timecard lines. 107116
If a line type was deselected in the portal setting Work Completed Line Types, the quick add option (+ sign) was still available for that line type on existing work orders. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > Work Complete 107512
Newly-added Scope Notes were not showing on the Scope page after they were saved. 107513
Billable hours were not being pushed to Vista when Show Billable Hours was not selected for the SMCo in the portal setting Labor Work Completed Settings.

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > Work Complete.
When adding inventory to a work order, materials from all enabled companies showed in the Material drop-down instead of just the materials from the specified SMCo. 107531