Process W-2s

You will use the PR W-2 Process form to process W-2s, from initializing header, Federal, and State information to initiating the print and eFile process via Aatrix.

Beginning December 2021, you must print and eFile W-2s using Aatrix. If you have not yet installed Aatrix on your local workstation, you must do so prior to processing W-2s. For more information, see Enable Aatrix on a Workstation and Prerequisites to using the Aatrix application.

While the following list indicates each successive step to process W-2s, you may, as needed, back up to make changes. If you do this, you must re-initialize all subsequent headers. For example, after initializing both federal and state information, you might need to change some federal information and re-initialize. In this case, you must then re-initialize your state information.
  1. In the PR W-2 Process form, set up your company information for W-2 processing.
  2. Click Initialize Header.
    The system uses default values for Earnings, Deductions, or Liability codes on the Federal Information and State/Local Information tabs. The system uses the same values that you initialized for the previous year.
  3. Select the Federal Information tab and set federal information for W-2 processing, as necessary.
  4. Click Initialize Federal.
    The system updates each employee record (Employees tab/PR W-2 Employee Edit) with federal W-2 information.
    Important: If you do not initialize the federal information before switching to another tab or form, any changes you made to the Federal Information tab will be lost.
  5. Select the State/Local Information tab and set state and local deductions for W-2 processing, as necessary.
  6. Click Initialize State.
    The system updates each employee record (Employees tab/PR W-2 Employee Edit) with state/local W-2 information.
  7. Select the State Box 14 Information tab and enter state-specific box 14 information.
  8. Click Initialize State Box 14.
    The system updates each employee record (Employees tab/PR W-2 Employee Edit) with box 14 information. State-specific information shows only if earnings or taxes were paid in that state.
  9. Edit W-2 information for individual employees, as necessary.
    Important: If you make any changes outside the W-2 process after initializing, you must re-initialize before you proceed to capture those changes.
  10. Review federal and state reporting information to make sure that all of the necessary information has been entered and is correct. For more information, see Preview Federal and State W-2 Reporting Information.
  11. Click Tasks > Launch Aatrix Print and eFile.
    The PR Aatrix - W2 Print and eFile form opens.
  12. In the Tax Year field, enter the tax year.
  13. From the Form Type selection box, select the W-2 form to process.
  14. Click Continue to launch Aatrix.
  15. Follow the prompts in the Aatrix application to complete the process.
    Note: The Aatrix application does not send data back to Vista. If you discover errors and make corrections in Vista, you must re-upload the data to Aatrix.