Audit Options

The audit options determine when new records of changes are added to the HQ Master Audit (HQMA) database table. For example, if you change a setting on the company parameters form, the system creates a new record of the change in the HQMA table.

You can view records in the HQMA table using the HQ Audit Detail report in the HQ module. See About Viewing the Master Audit Log for more information about viewing audit records in the HQMA table.

Selecting this check box

records changes to

Company Parameters

AP Company Parameters form (always selected)

Pay Types/Pay Category

AP Payable Types form

AP Pay Category form

Vendor Master and Totals

AP Vendors form

AP Vendor Activity form

AP 1099 Processing form

Vendor Hold Codes

AP Vendor Hold Codes form

Vendor Compliance

AP Vendor Compliance form


AP transaction records

Recurring Invoices

AP recurring invoice records

Payment History

AP payment history records

Unapproved Invoices

AP unapproved invoice records

*Transaction Hold Codes

Hold codes assigned to AP transaction records

*The system also records hold codes released via the AP Hold and Release form and the AP Payment Control Detail form, accessed by selecting File > Tasks > Additional Pay Control Functions from the AP Payment Workfile form.