Automatically mark unapproved invoices Ready

Automatically mark unapproved invoices Ready check box in the AP Company Parameters form, Invoice Options tab

Select this check box to make the system automatically set all future unapproved invoices' review status to 1 - Ready at the moment the invoice meets the minimum requirements for releasing it into the review process.

In order for an invoice to be considered valid for review, the following must be true for the invoice:

  • The invoice must have at least one line

  • Each invoice line must have at least one reviewer assigned
  • If the Require invoice total to equal sum of all lines check box is selected (Invoice Options tab), the amount in the header Invoice Total field must equal the sum of the line totals. Line total is defined as

    Gross + Misc Amt + Tax Amt (where Tax Type <> 2) - Ret Amt (in CA/AU).

After the invoice is marked as ready, if you make any changes to the invoice that would cause any of the above to become untrue, the system automatically changes the invoice status to 0 - Not Ready. After the required changes/corrections are made, the system automatically updates the invoice status to 1 - Ready.

Leave this check box unselected to require the user to manually change the status on each invoice even if the required minimum data is present.