GL Payments Interface Level

Summary – Payment entries will be summarized and one entry will be posted to GL per each batch, GL Co#, and GL Account. If you select this option, the Summary GL Description you enter (the field below) is used as the GL transaction description.

Payment - One entry will be posted to GL per each Batch, GL Co#, GL Account, and Payment#. If you select this option, use the Select Available Items for Payment Level GL Descriptions box (below) to select the fields you want included as part of the GL transaction description. Available fields are:

  • CMCo

  • CMAcct#

  • Vendor

  • SortName

  • Check#

  • Paid Date

Selected items display to the right of the option box, in the order they are selected. Selected items are highlighted in blue; to deselect an item click it again and the blue highlight is removed. More than one item can be selected at once.

None – GL entries created when posting payments are not interfaced to GL.