POs: Allow Invoiced to Exceed PO Item Line Received

The Allow Invoiced to Exceed PO Item Line Received check box on the AP Company Parameters form, Audit Options tab, Purchase Orders section.

Select this check box to allow users to enter an invoiced amount that exceeds the received units or amounts for the purchase order item line. In this case, the system displays a warning, but allows entry.

Important: It is important to note that when you process a batch that includes invoices exceeding received units/amounts, the system will allow you to post the batch. If this is not your intention, do not select this check box.

Leave this check box unselected if invoiced units and/or amounts must be equal to or less than the received units and/or amounts for a purchase order item line. If you enter units or an amount that exceed the received units or amount, the system displays a warning and will not save the entry. You must correct the units or amount before you can save the item line.

For unapproved invoices, the system will display a warning, but will allow entry. However, once the invoice is approved and added to an AP batch, you will need to correct the invoiced units or amount before posting the batch.

Note: If you post job-related POs, you may want to consider leaving this option unchecked. Restricting users from invoicing more than received helps ensure that job cost detail and GL detail are in sync.