Upload Invoice Attachments to Viewpoint ePayments?

The Upload Invoice Attachments to Viewpoint ePayments? check box on the AP Company Parameters form, Credit Services tab.

Only applicable if using Viewpoint ePayments.

Select this check box to upload invoice header and line attachments to Viewpoint ePayments. During invoice processing in AP Transaction Entry, if attachments exist for an invoice, the system adds those attachments to a "queue" and then uploads them to Nvoicepay after the batch processing step completes successfully. Then, when you export and upload invoices in AP Viewpoint ePayments Export, the attachments are linked to the payments on Nvoicepay's website.

Note: You must have also entered your credentials (from Nvoicepay) in the Client ID and Client Secret fields in order upload attachments.

Leave this check box unselected if you do not want invoice attachments uploaded to Viewpoint ePayments.