Warn if line coding exists on an open PO or SL

Warn if line coding exists on an open PO or SL check box in the AP Company Parameters form, Invoice Options tab

This check box is selected by default. When selected, the system provides warnings to users entering new AP invoices when it detects a possible match to an existing purchase order or subcontractor. Instead of potentially duplicating committed costs and units, the user can determine whether the invoice they are entering should instead relieve an existing item.

If you clear this check box, the system will not provide warnings for potential matches between new invoices and purchase orders/subcontracts.

Vista compares specific field values for each line type. In order for an invoice to be considered a potential match to an existing PO or subcontract, the following invoice field values must match:

Line Type

Warning provided if values from each of these fields match


Vendor | JC Co | Job | Phase | CT


Vendor | IN Co | Loc | Material


Vendor | GL Co | GL Acct


Vendor | EM Co | Equipment | Cost Code | Cost Type

5-EM Work Order

Vendor | EM Co | WO | WO Item | Cost Code | Cost Type

8-SM Work Order

Vendor | SM Co | SM Work Order | Scope Seq