AP Purge Form

Use the AP Purge form to remove records that are no longer needed from the Accounts Payable database tables.

Purging transaction data is especially useful when you need to clear up disk space.

There are several purge options available in this form. You can purge all detail at once or run each purge option individually.

Purging data in AP does not purge records that now exist in other modules as a result of the integration with the AP module. If you want to purge records that have already been updated to other modules, run the purge programs in those modules.

If you want to purge AP invoices or paid transactions related to subcontracts, you must first purge subcontracts.

Note: Rather than creating and retaining separate PO- and SL-module instances of already-existing AP records, Vista retrieves some information directly from the AP module's records for reports and inquiries. The AP purge process does not delete these items; PO and SL transactions remain in AP as long as the PO or subcontract exists.