Beginning/Ending Invoice Date

The Beginning/Ending Invoice Date fields on the AP Intercompany Invoices form.

Specify the beginning and ending in a range of invoice dates to include in the batch. Only invoices dated on or after the “Beginning Invoice Date” and dated on or before the “Ending Invoice Date” will be included in the batch.

Leave blank to include all invoices.

Once you have entered the restriction criteria, click the Update button to populate the grid with all invoices meeting the criteria. You can change the restriction criteria and refresh the grid as often as necessary until only those invoices you wish to process are listed. Then, click the Post button to process the invoices (in AP Batch Process). Once processed, the invoices can be paid normally in AP Payment Posting.

Invoice amounts can be edited or even deleted while in an AP Entry batch, but no update will be made to MS or AR reflecting your changes. If changes are needed, post correcting entries in MS, and process them as you would any other intercompany sale.