AP Add Transaction to Batch Form

Use the AP Add Transaction to Batch form to add previously posted transactions to a new or existing open batch. Access this form by selecting File > Add Transaction from within the AP Transaction Entry form.

Using the fields in this form, you can filter previously posted transactions so that you include only those transactions you want added to the batch. You can only add transactions that were posted in the same month as the current batch month; therefore, when using F4 to select criteria, lists will only include data available for the current batch month.

You can click the Add to Batch button as many times as needed. Therefore, you can change your selection criteria as often as needed. The system adds transactions to the batch based on the current selection criteria.

During the "add to batch" process, the system excludes any invoices that cannot be added to the batch. Once the process is complete, an exception report (AP Add Transaction Exception Report) displays detailing the transactions that were excluded and the exclusion reasons.

Once you have added transactions to the batch, you can edit or mark them for delete as needed, and then post the batch.

For more information, see Add Posted Transactions Back into a Batch.