AP Clear Transactions Form

Use this form to clear a set of transactions when a payment will not be issued. The set consists of the original invoice and an reversing, or offsetting invoice.

It is assumed that all transactions entered in AP are eventually paid, either in the current month or at some time in the future. If transactions have been entered and posted in error, or if you decide not to pay, they can be corrected and even deleted using AP Transaction Entry, assuming the original month expensed is still open.

However, if the sub-ledgers have been closed for the month in which a transaction has been posted and you wish to delete a transaction, you must first enter reversing entries in the AP Transaction Entry form to offset the transaction(s) and then use this form to mark them as cleared.

Cleared transactions do not appear on the Cash Requirements, Open Payables, or other reports and are removed from the system the next time you purge paid transactions in the AP Purge form.

You can remove transactions from the batch by either clearing the batch (via AP Batch Processing) or by deleting individual transactions via the grid in the batch form. Removing a transaction from a batch does not delete the transaction from the database.