Addenda field in the AP Transaction Entry form, Addenda Info tab

If EFT is the pay method on the Payment Overrides tab, you can include tax payments, child support, and invoice detail with the payment of this invoice. Based on the addenda type you select from this field, additional fields display to enter related information. This field initially defaults from the Addenda Type field in AP Vendors, if one is indicated for the vendor.

  • 1-Tax Payment - Select this option if you want to include Federal tax payments with your EFT payments. When you select this option, the following fields display on the form: Form Code, Pd End Date, Amt Type, Amount, Amt Type 2, Amount 2, Amt Type 3, and Amount 3. The Amt Type fields identify the type of tax and you will enter the tax amount for that type in the Amount fields. The information in these fields depends on the form code and whether the fields represent subcategories defined for that form. For example, if you are using the Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return (Form Code 94105), the Amount Type and Amount fields are used to indicate the Social Security, Medicare, and Federal withholding amounts. Refer to your “EFTPS Payment Instruction Booklet” for more detailed information about individual field requirements. Information entered here is included when creating Federal tax invoices in PR AP Update.


The types of federal tax payments that can be entered here are limited to those outlined in "EFTPS Payment Instruction Booklet."

  • 2-Child Support — Select this option for EFT-paid child support payments. When you select this option, the following fields display on the form: PRCo#, Employee, and DL Code. You can manually generate a payment to the child support agency by entering the information directly in AP Transaction Entry. Typically, however, a payroll deduction is set up for the child support payment and the deduction is added to the employee's deductions (PR Employee Deductions/Liabilities). When payroll is run, the child support payment is deducted from the employee’s pay check. When PR AP Update is run, an invoice is generated for the state agency specified as vendor. When the invoice is accessed in AP Transaction Entry, the employee and deduction/liability code automatically default into these fields (if the deduction code is flagged to automatically update AP).

  • 3-Stub Detail – Select this option if you want to include invoice detail with this vendor’s EFT payment. This option can be used for any vendor (except for those requiring Tax or Child Support addenda). When the EFT Download is run, all EFT-paid vendor invoices in the batch with this addenda type automatically have CTX format addenda text records created in the download. One addenda for each line of detail will include the AP reference number, Invoice date, description, gross amount and net amount [gross - (retainage + discount)].


Viewpoint does not currently support state EFT tax payments.

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