EFT Federal Tax Payment Info: Form Code

Used only if Addenda Type is “Tax Payment”.


It is suggested that you refer to your “EFTPS Payment Instruction Booklet” for more detailed information about entry requirements for this field.

Specify the ACH Credit Tax Form Code Number (from the EFTPS Payment Instruction Booklet) for this transaction. Up to 10 characters allowed. If you are using the “Automatic Update to Accounts Payable” option for the deduction/liability code (in PR Deductions/Liabilities), the form code automatically defaults based on the option selected in the Federal Type drop-down for the deduction/liability code as follows:

  • If set to 1–Withholding , defaults form code 94105

  • If set to 2–FUTA, defaults form code 941052

  • If set to 3–Soc Sec, defaults form code 941053

  • If set to 4–Medicare, defaults form code 941054

  • If set to null (blank), assumes 1–Withholding and defaults form code 94105