EFT Federal Tax Payment Info: Period End Date

Used only if Addenda Type is “Tax Payment”.


It is suggested that you refer to your “EFTPS Payment Instruction Booklet” for more detailed information about entry requirements for this field.

Enter the tax period ending date in MMDDYY format. This will be the tax period ending date for the IRS Return for which the liability is being paid, not the payment date.


The date is converted to YYMMDD format in the text file, with the day set to '01'. For example, if you enter 121508 as the tax period ending date, it will be formatted as 081201 in the text file.

If you are using the “Automatic Update to Accounts Payable” option for the withholding deduction/liability code (PR Deductions/Liabilities), the period end date automatically defaults from Payroll.