Pay Category

This field displays only if you selected the Using Payable Category check box in AP Company Parameters.

Specify a valid pay category for this line. The pay category specified here, along with the line type (Type field), will determine the default pay type (next input).

Initially defaults a pay category as follows:

  • If you have set up a standard or user pay category override in F3 Properties (not recommended), defaults the F3 pay category.

  • If no F3 override exists, defaults the pay category specified for the current user in VA User Profile.

  • If no override pay category is specified for the user, defaults the pay category defined in AP Company Parameters.

  • If no default pay category is defined for the company, default will be null. (In this case, the pay type will default from AP Company Parameters based on the line's type.)

The default may be overridden if you allow overrides to pay type (you selected the Allow Payable Type Override checkbox in AP Company Parameters); otherwise, input is disabled.


If you bring a posted transaction back into a batch and change the pay category for a line with retainage, the system debits the GL account associated with the pay type for the original pay category (Payable Type Retainage field in AP Pay Category).

Additionally, if the pay category has a discount GL specified (Discount Taken GL Acct field in AP Pay Category), and you have checked the Post Discounts Offered to GL and net amount to subledgers box in the AP Company Parameters form, the system debits the discount to the GL account specified for the original pay category.

For Purchase Order lines, the pay category and pay type always default from the PO item, regardless of whether overrides exist in F3, VA User Profile, or AP Company Parameters. This is true even if you deselect the Using Payable Category checkbox in AP Company Parameters after you have already implemented its use. Although the pay category is not visible, its assignment will remain in effect.

If a pay category and pay type were not specified for the PO item, the pay category and pay type default based on the standard hierarchy (F3, VA User Profile, AP Company Parameters) and the PO item's line type. However, you will be allowed to continue. The month indicated here is the month in which the payment will be posted.