Enter the purchase order that this invoice item applies to or press F4 to select it from a list.

  • The vendor assigned to the specified purchase order must be the same as the vendor specified in the transaction header.
  • If the Check Compliance On Transaction Entry, Warning Only box is checked for Purchase Orders in AP Company Parameters and the purchase order is out of compliance, you will receive a warning at this point stating that the “Purchase order is not in compliance”.
  • If the purchase order is related to an SM work order, the associated SM Co, SM Work Order, and Scope display below the PO Item# and PO Item Line fields. If the PO is for a job-related SM work order, the system will also display the JC phase and cost type assigned to the PO item.

If you initialized the purchase order via the AP Purchase Order Initialize form (accessed by selecting File > Initialize from PO from the Line # field), the system automatically populates the PO, PO Item, and PO Item Line fields with the appropriate values. If you initialized by Receiver #, the system also populates the Rec # field with the specified receiver number. The Rec # field is display only and therefore, cannot be edited.

Note: If the job associated with the work order has been soft or hard-closed, the system will only allow the entry if you allow posting to closed jobs (i.e. the Allow Posting to Hard-Closed Jobs and/or Allow Posting to Soft-Closed Jobs boxes are checked in JC Company Parameters).

If you do not allow posting to closed jobs, you will receive a message indicating the job is closed and you will be unable to save the record.