Scope Seq

This field is disabled for PO lines associated with an SM work order.


Enter the work order scope to which this invoice line applies. Press F4 for a list of valid scopes for the specified work order.

  • If you enter a scope that is closed, a warning displays and you will be unable to save the record. You must either reopen the scope in SM Work Orders or select an open scope.

  • If the transaction line is in an open batch and the scope is closed prior to processing the batch, you will be unable to post the batch until you either reopen the scope or change to an open scope.

For job-related work orders:

  • If the job associated with the work order has been soft or hard-closed, you can save the record if you allow posting to closed jobs (i.e. the Allow Posting to Hard-Closed Jobs and/or Allow Posting to Soft-Closed Jobs boxes are checked in JC Company Parameters). If you do not allow posting to soft or hard-closed jobs, a message displays indicating the job is closed and you will be unable to save the record.

  • If the work order has a Cost Method of Markup and you specify a scope that does not a rate template assigned, you will be able to save the line; however, you will unable to post the batch until you assign a rate template to the scope.

  • If the work order scope is not assigned a phase, a message displays indicating a phase is needed, but the system will allow you to save the record. However, you will be required to assign a phase to the work order scope before posting the invoice in AP Unapproved Invoice Posting.


You can press F5 from the Work Order or Scope fields to access SM Work Orders and assign a phase to the scope.