Subject to On-Cost

This box defaults from the Subject to On-Cost box in AP Vendors.

If you specified a cost type in AP Vendors for generating on-cost invoices (JC Cost Type field), you must enter that cost type in the CT field for this invoice line, or the system will uncheck this box; however you may re-check this box, if necessary.

Check this box if the invoice for this vendor is subject to on-cost.


If you check this box and the vendor is not set as subject to on-cost (Subject to On-Cost box in AP Vendors is not checked) or does not have associated on-cost types (On-Cost tab, AP Vendors), the system will display a warning but will allow you to save the record.

If you add the original invoice back into a batch and uncheck this box after posting the associated on-cost invoice, the system will not delete the on-cost invoice. So, if you uncheck this box and reprocess the original invoice, the system will generate duplicate on-cost invoices.