Unit Cost

Indicate the cost per unit for this invoice item. If you skip this field and enter the Gross amount, the unit cost will be calculated for you. This field initially defaults as follows:

  • For Job, Exp, Equip, EM Work Order, and SM Work Order lines, this field defaults as 0.00 unless a material is specified. In which case, the unit cost defaults from HQ Materials.


The unit cost posted for job lines will only be updated to JCCD (JC Cost Detail) if you have checked the Update Actual Units From AP option for the job in JC Jobs. If option is unchecked, unit cost will be set to 0.00 in JCCD.

  • For Inv lines, this field will defaults the Last Unit Cost defined in IN Location Materials.

  • For PO and SL items, this field defaults the unit cost defined on the purchase order or subcontract.


If you change the unit cost for a PO or SL item, you will receive a warning indicating that the unit cost is different than the PO or SL unit cost, and that committed costs will be reduced by units at the PO or SL unit cost. Changes made will not be updated to related PO/SL files.


If you specified a material for this invoice item and the material is set up for the vendor (in PO Vendor Materials), the unit cost default will be based on vendor's setup, regardless of line type.