Clear Payable Transactions

Use the AP Clear Transactions form to clear transactions when it's been decided that payment will not be issued or that transactions were entered in error.

In order to clear transactions in the form:
  • the net effect of the GL activity must be zero. This means that transactions must be posted to either the same Pay Type or to a Pay Type with the same GL account.
  • the transaction(s) must have been expensed in the same or an earlier month than the month to be cleared.
  • the transaction(s) must be open, and not currently in another batch.
  1. Specify the expense month and AP Trans# in the appropriate fields.
  2. Click Add to add the transaction to the batch.
    The transaction's information displays in the grid.
  3. Repeat the first two steps until all required transactions have been added to the batch.
  4. Click Clear Transaction to bring up the AP Batch Process form.
  5. Post the batch as normal to clear the transactions. The Status and Paid Month for each transaction is updated on all unpaid detail (AP Transaction Detail file).
    Note: If you need a hard copy of the cleared transactions, make sure to print the batch audit list before you post the batch.