Process AP Invoices

A high-level overview of processing accounts payable invoices/transaction from start to finish, with links to articles containing more detailed information.

The entire process includes but isn't limited to entering and posting invoices of different types, managing holds, and printing checks.
  1. Enter invoices in the AP Transaction Entry form and process the batch.
  2. Process and post any recurring invoices. For more information, see Recurring Invoices.
  3. Process and post any unapproved invoices. For more information, see Unapproved Invoices.
  4. Review the AP Open Payables report. This is a list of all open payables as of the last posting, or through a selected month, for a selection of vendors. You can use this report to verify a statement or to check the total amount owed to a vendor. In addition, you can use it at month-end to verify the reconciliation of AP to the GL module.
  5. Assign or release hold codes.
  6. Add invoices to a payment batch.
  7. Review the AP Payment Preview with Compliance Report. This report shows all payment information for the specified batch.
  8. Print checks using the AP Check Print form.
  9. Download EFT files using the AP EFT Download form.
  10. If you downloaded EFT files, run the AP EFT Remittance report. You can run this report by selecting Tasks > EFT/Viewpoint ePayments Remittance Report from the AP Payment Posting form or by running the report from the AP Reports folder in the Main Menu. Use this report even if you are not using Viewpoint ePayments (U.S only).
  11. Post the payment batch using the AP Batch Process form.
  12. Email payment information to vendors using the AP Email Pay Info form.
    Note: If you are processing invoices with value added tax (VAT), there are some additional steps you must take. Fore more information, see Processing VAT Invoices.