Add Multiple Invoices to the On-Cost Workfile

You can add multiple invoices to the on-cost workfile so that you can evaluate and edit them as needed.

When adding invoices to the AP On-Cost Workfile form, you can use the Invoice Selection Criteria section to filter invoices added to the workfile by vendor, expense month, and/or pay control code, or by bringing in all invoices that are set as subject to on-cost.

If you don't enter any criteria into the Vendor, Exp Month, or Pay Control fields, the system will add all invoices that are subject to on-cost when you click Fill Grid.

  1. From the main menu, select Accounts Payable > Programs > AP On-Cost Workfile.
    The AP On-Cost WorkFile Detail form displays.
  2. In the Invoice Selection Criteria section, do one or more of the following:
    • If you want to add a specific vendor's invoices to the workfile, enter the vendor in the Vendor field. Press F4 for a list of vendors.
    • If you want to add invoices based on a specific expense month, enter the month in the Exp Month field. Press F4 for a list of expense months.
    • If you want to add invoices based on a specific pay control code, enter the code in the Pay Control field.
  3. Click Fill Grid to add all invoices meeting the selection criteria. You can fill the grid multiple times using different criteria.
    The system adds the invoices to the header grid and defaults the invoice lines to the detail grid on the form.
Review and edit invoices as needed.