AP On-Cost Types Form

Use the the AP On-Cost Types form to create on-cost types for generating on-cost invoices (AUS only).

On-cost types are used to generate on-cost invoices for paying burden (on-cost) amounts on behalf of those vendors/subcontractors that are performing work for you or who are not directly employed by your organization. On-cost invoices might be used to pay payroll taxes, worker's compensation, or for superannuation payments in Australia.

On-cost types identify a specific vendor (typically the corresponding federal agency) for sending on-cost payments, as well as the percentage rate or flat amount that they should receive based on the original invoice that you sent to the subcontractor. An on-cost type also determines the pay type and job expense options for the payment (if necessary). For Australian users, you can also specify an ATO category.

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Create On-Cost Types