Review Invoice Lines in the On-Cost Workfile

You can review on-cost invoice lines and set the processing action for each line.

When you add an invoice to the AP On-Cost Workfile form, the system defaults all invoice lines to the detail grid that have been set as subject to on-cost (that is, for those lines you selected the Subject to On-Cost check box in the AP Transaction Entry form). Once the invoices are in the form, you can review lines, make necessary edits, and set the processing actions as applicable.
Note: If any of the vendors are not associated with on-cost types, the line appears red in the grid and the system displays a warning in the Invoice Selection Criteria section of the form. You can use add on-cost types for the vendor using the On-Cost Types tab. For more information, see Associating On-Cost Types with a Vendor using AP On-Cost Workfile.
  1. In the header grid of the form, select an invoice to view.
    The system displays all of the invoice lines in the detail grid.
  2. In the On-Cost Action drop-down, set the processing action for each invoice line. For more information, see the On-Cost Action F1 help.
  3. To add additional invoice lines that were not set as subject to on-cost, enter the line number in the Line # field. Press F4 to see a list of invoice lines with a status of 0 - Awaiting Process.
  4. Save the record.
Once you have set the processing action for each invoice line, you can create the on-cost batch.