Invoice Date

This field initially defaults the current date. Accept the default, or specify which date you want to appear as the Invoice Date on all of the recurring invoices. This date does not apply to “once a month” invoices that have an Invoice Day specified.

When you have entered all of the selection criteria, click the Update button to add the entries to the batch. When done, the selected invoices appear in the grid at the bottom of the screen, the selection options are cleared, and you can make new selections.

Note: To delete an invoice from the grid, highlight the invoice and press the Delete key (keyboard). Once you answer OK to the "1 invoice was deleted from the AP Header Batch File" message, the invoice is cleared from the grid. To delete all invoices from the batch, click the Post button to bring up the AP Batch Process form, and click the Clear Batch button.

When you have finished adding all invoices you want to process to the batch, click the Post button to post the batch. The AP Batch Process form is opened, and you can process the batch as normal.