AP Recurring Invoices Form

Use the AP Recurring Invoices form to set up invoices for expenses that occur on a regular basis, such as monthly rent, loan payments, or other fixed monthly charges.

Once you create an invoice in this form, you can then generate transactions based on the invoice using the AP Recurring Invoices Posting form. You can also review payment history for the selected invoice on the History tab. This tab displays the last posted date, the last sequence number used, and the total amount invoiced.

This form breaks the payable transaction into two parts: the header and detail.

Header information consists of the vendor, invoice number, payment terms, frequency settings for payment posting, and a limit amount for the recurring invoice. Additionally, you can set tax information, override the vendor's address, and view payment history.

Invoice lines represent the detail for the invoice and each invoice must have at least one line.

For each line, you must choose the type from among these options:
  • Job
  • Inventor
  • Expense
  • Equipment
  • EM Work Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Subcontract
The line types determine what information must be entered to appropriately expense that type of invoice and post it to the related module.