Optional, unless posting an Inventory type transaction. Not applicable to SL type transactions.

Enter the material to which this invoice item applies.

If this is a Job, Expense, Equipment, or Work Order item, you can enter any material, valid or non-valid. If the material is a valid HQ material, the description, unit of measure, and unit cost will default from HQ Materials. If a non-valid material, description defaults as 'Not in Material File', and UM defaults as LS. Unit cost defaults as 0.00 and is disabled.

If this is an Inventory item, you must enter a valid stocked material (as defined in HQ Materials), and the material must be set up for the specified location in IN Materials. The unit cost will default from IN Location Materials.

If a PO item, material defaults from PO and field is disabled. Material description, UM, and unit cost default from PO item.


If the material is set up for the vendor in PO Vendor Materials, the unit cost will default based on the vendor's setup, regardless of the line type.