Pay Method

Pay Method drop down on the AP Recurring Invoices form.

Specify the payment method for this invoice. Initially defaults from the Pay Method field in the AP Vendors form (Payment Method tab) for the selected vendor.

  • N-Viewpoint ePayments (U.S. only)

    Even if you intend to use this pay method, you're not required to select it here because at the moment you generate the ePayments file, you are given the option to change the pay method originally assigned. For details, see the field help for Payment Methods in the AP Viewpoint ePayments Export form.

  • C–Check
  • E–EFT
  • S-Credit Service
Tip: If this is a prepaid transaction, you must select C-Check.

If selecting S-Credit Service payments, you must have completed all the following:

  • In the AP Company Parameters form, Payment Services tab, selected 1-Comdata or EFS from the Credit Service drop-down, entered the CM Acct #, and entered all required information in the applicable section.
  • In the AP Company Parameters form, Subledgers tab, entered a CM Co# and CM Acct.
  • In the AP Vendors form, Payment Method tab, selected S-Credit Service in the Pay Method field and entered the vendor's email address for receiving remittance information from Comdata in the Payment Service Email field.