Processing Recurring Invoices

Overview of the recurring invoice process, from entering invoices to posting them and reviewing payment history.

The following instructions give you an overview of the recurring invoice process. As you follow each of the steps, click the hyperlinks to get more information on completing the step. These links will take you to topics that provide detailed information on completing the task at hand.
  1. Set Up Recurring Invoices in AP Recurring Invoices. This form allows you to set up standard invoice information, the frequency that determines how often the system processes the invoice, and an limit for posting transactions against the invoice. For more information, see Setting Up Recurring Invoices.
  2. Post Recurring Invoices using AP Recurring Invoice Posting. This form allows you to filter for specific invoices by frequency, vendor, or invoice number. Once you have determined the appropriate invoices, you can then post them to an invoice batch. For more information, see Posting Recurring Invoices.
  3. If you need to edit the recurring invoices prior to processing, you can do so in AP Transaction Entry by specifying the batch you created in AP Recurring Invoice Posting.
  4. Process the batch with the AP Batch Process form. You can access this form from the AP Programs folder in the Main Menu, by clicking Post in AP Recurring Invoices, or from the File menu in AP Transaction Entry.
  5. Review the payment history for the recurring invoice in AP Recurring Invoices. You can review the payment history for an invoice on the History tab, which display the last posted date for the invoice, the last used sequence number, and the total amount invoiced to date.