About the Unapproved Invoice Review/Approval Process

Unapproved invoice functionality provides a workflow process for reviewing and approving invoices prior to processing.

The workflow process offers some key features that make the review and approval process simple and efficient while maintaining control over which reviewers should see which invoices and/or invoice lines. The features are outlined below:

  • Reviewers - Reviewers are the central element in the unapproved invoice process. There must be at least one reviewer on each invoice line to enable the workflow process for that line. For more information, see About Reviewers for Unapproved Invoices.

  • Reviewer Groups - Groups allow you to assign more than one reviewer at a time to an invoice header or line. For more information, see About Reviewer Groups for Unapproved Invoices.

  • Optional Reviewers - This reviewer type allows the approval process to advance even if only one of multiple optional reviewers that you have assigned to an invoice have approved it. For more information see About Optional Reviewers for Unapproved Invoices.

  • Thresholds - Setting a threshold establishes a minimum dollar amount that you can assign to reviewers on groups. When an invoice or line (depending on your selected option) reaches the threshold amount, the system automatically assigns the designated reviewer(s). For more information, see About Thresholds for Unapproved Invoices.

  • Responsible Person - Assigning this role in the approval process establishes who reviews the statuses of all invoices assigned to a particular group. For more information, see About Responsible Persons for Unapproved Invoices.