About Reviewers for Unapproved Invoices

Creating and assigning reviewers is the central required element in the unapproved invoice process.

In order for the process to work, you must assign at least one reviewer to each line on the invoice that is being reviewed. As you assign reviewers to invoices, you should be aware of the following information:

  • You can only assign active reviewers to invoices/lines.

  • You can assign reviewers to more that one reviewer group.

  • Reviewers can default to the invoice header and to the invoice lines from multiple sources. See Setting Up Default Reviewers for Unapproved Invoices for more information.

  • You cannot assign a reviewer to a line more than once.

  • You can assign more than one reviewer to an invoice line. You can control the order that multiple reviewers can see the invoice/line by assigning approval sequences to each reviewer. Manually added reviewers or reviewers assigned by default have a default approval sequence number 1; however, you can override this number at any time.

  • Reviewers can approve invoices, make selective changes to an invoice and then approve, or they can reject invoices.

  • If you have notifiers set up in the Workflow module, reviewers can receive alerts and reminders at the email address listed in the HQ Reviewers form.

  • A reviewer can have someone designated as an alternate reviewer. You can designate an alternate by adding the user name to the User Names tab for the primary reviewer in the HQ Reviewers form. The alternate reviewer can then use the reviewer's code in the AP Unapproved Invoice Review form.