Unapprove Approved Invoices

Use the AP Unapproved Invoice Review form to change an approved invoice to unapproved by selecting a check box.

If you need to change an invoice's status from Approved to Unapproved, you can do so as long as the invoice hasn't been posted or been pulled into a posting batch.

  1. Enter the reviewer ID in the Reviewer field. Press F4 for a list of available reviewers.

    Your current login must be associated with the reviewer for the system to allow access to the invoices assigned to a reviewer ID. Login access is defined in HQ Reviewers.

  2. Click the button.
    The filtering section of the form appears.
  3. Select the Display All Reviewer Invoices check box.
    Note: Even if this check box is selected, the following invoices do not appear in the grid when you click Refresh :
  4. Click Refresh.
    Unposted invoices that meet all your search criteria and are assigned to this reviewer appear in the grid, including those that are already approved or rejected.
    Tip: The filtering section of the form collapses when records display in the header grid. Click the button if you need to reopen the filtering section.
  5. Locate the invoice that is approved. Click the Approved check box to clear the check mark.
The invoice's approval status is now Unapproved.