Approval Seq

If manually assigning reviewers to this invoice line, enter the sequence number (0-255) for this reviewer.

If you assigned reviewers at the header level, all reviewers assigned at that level default to this grid. If you wish to change the sequence for a reviewer, you will need to delete the reviewer, then re-add them with the correct sequence.

If you assigned reviewers at the job, EM department, and/or IN location levels (JC Jobs, EM Departments, and IN Locations), they will also default to this grid when the specified job, equipment, or location is referenced on an invoice line.

If you assigned a reviewer group at the header and/or the line level, reviewers default to this grid with the sequences specified in HQ Reviewer Groups.

If you are using a hierarchical method of invoice approval, this sequence number should represent the order in which this reviewer is to review and approve this invoice line. For example, if this reviewer must approve this invoice line before anyone else, enter “1” as the sequence. Reviewers with sequences greater than “1” are unable to review and approve this invoice line until this reviewer has marked it as approved. If not using a hierarchical method, assign all reviewers a sequence of “1”.