Entry in this field is not required.

Enter the description of this invoice item, up to 30 characters. Initially defaults the header description, but may change depending on the line type entered.

  • Job – If you checked the "Default Header Description to Lines on Job Type" option (AP Company Parameters), the header description will be used as the line description. If you did not check this option, the phase description will default as the line description.

  • Inventory – Defaults the material description.

  • Expense – Defaults the header description.

  • Equipment, Work Order – Defaults the cost code description. If you selected the ‘Default header description to lines on equipment type’ check box in AP Company Parameters, this field defaults the value in the header Description field.

  • PO & SL – Defaults the PO item description or SL item description, respectively.

If a material is specified for the line, description defaults as follows:

  • Job or Expense – Defaults the material description from HQMT (HQ Materials). If an non-valid material, description will default as 'Not in material file'.

  • Equipment or Work Order – Defaults the material description from EMEP (Equipment Parts), HQMT (HQ Materials), or POVM (PO Vendor Materials). If a work order may also default from EMWP (Work Order Parts). If the material exists in more than one table, it will use the description from the first table in which the material is located. For example, if the material exists in both Equipment Parts and Vendor Parts, but you select the material from Vendor Parts in the F4 lookup, it will return the description from Equipment Parts because EMEP is checked before POVM.