Check this box to include the Misc Amt (left) in this line's total amount. The Misc Amt is not included when calculating tax, discount, or retainage amounts for this line.

Leave this box unchecked to exclude the Misc Amt from this line's total amount. For all lines except for Inventory, the miscellaneous amount will also not be charged to Job Cost, Equipment, General Ledger, or SM work orders. It will be a memo entry only, and will only be useful if writing reports to pull this miscellaneous amount.

Inventory Lines

Although any line type may include or exclude a Misc Amt, its primary purpose is for inventory purchase lines. If using the option for burdened unit cost (flag in IN Company Parameters), the Misc amount will be handled as follows:
  • If this checkbox is selected, the Misc Amt is included in the invoice total, the Inventory and AP accounts are debited/credited with the total amount, and the total (including the Misc Amt) will be included in the unit cost for the Inventory location.

  • If this checkbox is not selected, the Misc Amt is excluded from the invoice total, but is included in the unit cost for the IN location. The Inventory account is debited with the total amount (including the Misc Amt), the AP account is credited with the gross amount (total less the Misc Amt), and the Misc Amt is credited to the location's Miscellaneous Expense account. When posting the freight vendor's invoice for the Misc Amt, the entry should be posted to offset the Miscellaneous Expense amount.