Invoice Status

Invoice Status column in the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form header, Grid tab

Change the invoice status to 1 - Ready when you have completed your invoice entry and want to release the invoice lines into the review workflow. The applicable reviewers will be able to view their lines in the AP Unapproved Invoice Review form.

Until you change the status to 1 - Ready, the assigned reviewers cannot view any invoice lines in the AP Unapproved Invoice Review form.

You can select 1 - Ready to release this invoice into the review workflow if all of the following are true:

  • The invoice has at least one line

  • Each invoice line has at least one reviewer assigned
  • The line total amounts match the header Invoice Total amount (if the Require invoice total to equal sum of all lines check box is selected, AP Company Parameters, Invoice Options tab). Line total is defined as:

    Gross + Misc Amt + Tax Amt (where Tax Type <> 2) - Ret Amt (in CA/AU)

Note: If you want remove the manual requirement to mark invoices as ready for review by having the system automatically mark all invoices as ready after you have inserted the minimum required data, select the Automatically mark unapproved invoices Ready check box in AP Company Parameters.

After the invoice is marked as ready, if you make any changes to the invoice that cause any of the above to become untrue, or if you add any new lines, the system will automatically update the invoice status back to 0 - Not Ready. After you make the required changes/corrections, you can select 1 - Ready to mark it as ready for review.

If any reviewers take action on the invoice lines that cause the invoice status to change back to 0 - Not Ready, the system prevents reviewers from seeing the invoice but preserves their review history shown on the Reviewers tab in the footer. If you want to require their review again based on the new changes, delete the history.