Entry in this field is not required. However, if entry is made, it must be valid.

Specify the job to be charged for this invoice item.

Once the job is specified, the system checks the JC Jobs to see if a Reviewer has been assigned to the job. If so, and the reviewer has not yet been assigned to the invoice, he/she will be added once the line has been saved.

  • If you enter a soft- or hard-closed job, the status displays in red to the right of the Line field. The system will only save the record if you allow posting to soft or hard-closed jobs (flags in JC Company Parameters).

  • The update to AP from SL Worksheet creates invoice items for subcontracts posted to soft- or hard-closed jobs, regardless of whether you allow posting to closed jobs. Once you approve the invoice, it can be added to an AP invoice batch; however, if you do not allow posting to closed jobs, you will be unable to post the batch.