Pay Method

The Pay Method field on the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form.

Specify the payment method for this invoice. Payment methods include:

  • N-Viewpoint ePayments

  • C–Check

  • E–EFT

  • S-Credit Service

This field's default value comes from the Pay Method field in the AP Vendors form (Payment Method tab) for the selected vendor.

Tip: If this is a prepaid transaction,you must select C-Check.

N-Viewpoint ePayments

If you select the N-Viewpoint ePayments pay method, you must meet the setup requirements before you can generate and upload an ePayments file. For more information, see AP Viewpoint ePayments Download.


If you select the E-EFT pay method, and you have not set up bank routing information for the specified vendor in AP Vendors (Payment Method tab), the system displays a warning, but allows you to save the record.

S-Credit Service

You should only select the S-Credit Service pay method if you have set up the appropriate information in AP Company Parameters (Payment Services tab) and AP Vendors (Payment Method tab). For more information, see Set up Credit Card Payments.