PO Item Line

If you have distributed the PO item to multiple lines, enter the applicable line number. Press F4 to see a list of valid line numbers. If you have not distributed the PO item to multiple lines, this field will default automatically to 1.

If you have not already distributed the PO item to multiple lines, and want to, select Open PO Item Distribution from the Tasks drop-down on the toolbar. When you save your changes, and exit the PO Item Distribution form, the PO line on this form refreshes to display the updated data. For more information, see PO Item Distribution.

This field is not required, but if you enter a value it must be valid.

  • If you clear this field, the system will display a warning, but will allow you to save. However, when the invoice is viewed in AP Unapproved Invoice Review, that form will display "Missing Information" in red, and you will be unable to post the invoice in AP Unapproved Invoice Posting until you enter a line number here.

  • Once you have entered the item number and item line, you can view additional information about the purchase order item by selecting the Other Info tab. This tab displays current totals for the PO item, such as the Current Units, Unit Cost, and Total Cost, and Received, Backordered, Invoiced, and Remaining amounts.