Reviewer Group

The Reviewer Group field on the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form, Info tab of Invoice Lines section.

If a group exists for the job, location, or equipment, that group defaults here.

You may enter a different reviewer group for this invoice line.

Press F4 for a list of active reviewer groups. Press F5 to access HQ Reviewer Group for reviewer-group management.

All reviewers without an assigned threshold amount display on the line Reviewers tab. If a reviewer has a threshold amount less than or equal to the amount in the Gross field for this line, they will default on the Reviewers line tab once you exit the form. For more information on setting threshold amounts, refer to HQ Reviewer Groups in Related Topics below.

Note: If you have defined rejection notification recipients for this group in HQ Reviewer Groups (Email Options for Rejection section), the system will send email notifications to the specified recipients when reviewers in this group reject this invoice in AP Unapproved Invoice Review. For more information, see the F1 help for the Reject check box in AP Unapproved Invoice Review.

Re-Adding Reviewers to an Invoice Line

If you delete a reviewer from an invoice invoice line that was initialized via a reviewer group, you can manually add the reviewer back to the invoice line as needed.

However, if you use the AP Unapproved Invoice Status form and plan to filter by responsible person, you cannot use the manual method to re-add reviewers to the invoice line, as it will result in the invoice being excluded from the result set when filtering by the responsible person associated with that reviewer group.

Instead, you must delete the reviewer group from the invoice line, save the record, and then reassign the reviewer group to the invoice line. This ensures that all reviewers in the group are properly initialized to the invoice line. Then when filtering by that responsible person in AP Unapproved Invoice Status, the invoice is included in the filtered results.

HQ Reviewer Groups