Responsible Person

The Responsible Person field on the AP Unapproved Invoice Status form.

Use of this field is optional.

Enter the Responsible Person to view invoices assigned to reviewers of the responsible person's group. Press F4 to select from a list. You can also press F5 to open the HQ Reviewers form to manage designated responsible persons or to view the reviewers assigned to a particular group.

Note: If you assign a reviewer group to an invoice/invoice line, and then manually remove and re-add a reviewer on the Reviewers tab for that invoice/invoice line, filtering by the Responsible Person associated with the reviewer group results in the invoice not being included in the filtered results. To ensure that an invoice is not excluded, you must remove the reviewer group from the invoice/invoice line, save the record, and then reassign the reviewer group. This ensures that all reviewers are properly initialized to the invoice/invoice line, and that when filtering by Responsible Person, the invoice is included in the filtered results.