Automatic Invoicing (for Trimble Construction One Users)

With Automatic Invoicing you can automatically enter invoice headers into Vista without performing manual data entry, saving time and avoiding potential mistakes.

Access Automatic Invoicing from the Trimble Construction One workcenter by logging into, and then selecting Accounts Payable from the main menu.

Use Automatic Invoicing to enter validated, unapproved invoices. There are three steps in the process:

  1. Upload PDF invoices as a batch. See Upload Invoices.
  2. Prepare the batch of invoices by adding page breaks, removing pages, or rotating pages as needed. See Prepare Invoices.
  3. Process the batch of invoices by reviewing the header data, correcting any errors, and then sending the batch to Vista. See Process Invoices.
    Note: Only vendors with a “Last invoice date” within the last 12 months will be recognized and automatically populated by Automatic Invoicing. If the Vendor field is not auto-filled, simply select the correct vendor from the list. After that, Automatic Invoicing will recognize that vendor and automatically populate that field as expected when the vendor is used in subsequent invoices.


  • You can take advantage of Automatic Invoicing if your company's subscription for Vista is part of our Trimble Construction One contract.
  • Users who access Automatic Invoicing must be using single sign-on in Vista. For details on enabling single sign-on for your Vista users, see Enable Single Sign-On.


To use Automatic Invoicing, a user must first be given access by a Trimble Construction One Enterprise Admin. For details on editing user permissions, see Edit a User.