Print: Beginning/Ending Check#

The Beginning / Ending Check # fields on the AP Check Print form, Print tab.

Enter a check range for printing checks in the Beginning Check # and Ending Check # fields. Must be a numeric value greater than zero, with no leading zeros or special characters (such as a comma). Up to 10 digits allowed. These fields default as follows:

  • Beginning Check # - Defaults to the next available check number as follows:
    • If a Beginning Check # is entered in CM Accounts for the CM Account specified above, this field defaults that value.
    • If a Beginning Check # is not specified in CM Accounts, this field defaults the next available check number based on the highest check number in the system.
  • Ending Check # - Defaults based on the number of checks being printed for the CM Account/batch. For example, if the beginning check number is 100 and you are printing 10 checks, the ending check number defaults to 110.