Hold/Release: Hold Code

The Hold Code field on the AP Payment Control Detail form, Hold/Release tab.

Enter the hold code to assign or remove from the transaction or line/seq#, and press the Update button. If the hold code is already assigned to the transaction or line/seq#, it is removed and placed in the Unassigned Hold Codes box at the bottom of the screen.

If it has not been assigned, it is added to the transaction and placed in the Assigned Hold Codes box at the bottom of the screen.

You can repeat this process until all hold codes have been assigned or released for the specified transaction (or line/seq#).

Note: You can only use this form to assign/remove non-retainage hold codes. Retainage holds are handled during transaction entry in AP Transaction Entry, AP Unapproved Invoice Entry, and AP Recurring Invoices. To release retainage holds, you must use AP Release Retainage. For more information, see Release Retainage for an AP Invoice.