Partial Payments: Amount

The Amount field in the AP Payment Control Detail form, Partial Payments tab.

Enter the partial payment amount. If you are not assigning a supplier, placing the remaining amount on hold, or distributing discount amounts, you can click the Update button now. The amount specified here will then be subtracted from the original entry, and a second sequence will be created for the partial payment amount.


You have a transaction with a single expense line (Seq #1) for $1,000, and you want to create a partial payment of $600. The transaction would be split, and Seq #1 would be reduced by $600, changing its amount to $400. A second sequence (#2) would be created for the partial payment amount of $600.

Note: You can only split the non-retainage portion of a transaction; you cannot split a retainage line/sequence. If you need to perform a partial release of retainage, use the AP Release Retainage form. For more information, see Release Retainage for an AP Invoice.