AP Payment Posting Form

Use the AP Payment Posting form to pay invoice transactions. This process is done in a batch and includes multiple steps, all of which can be done from this form.

There are multiple ways you can add invoices to a payment batch:

  • Using the initialization feature in the AP Initialize Payments form.
  • Using the Initialize New Payment feature in the AP Payment Posting form.
  • Manually using the AP Payment Posting form.
  • From a payment workfile in the AP Payment Workfile form.
Best practice is to use a separate batch for each pay method since the process for completing each method is inherently different.
Important: The exception to this recommendation is if you are using Viewpoint ePayments (U.S. only), which is able to processes all originally assigned pay methods at once. When you generate the Viewpoint ePayments data file, you are given the option to change the pay method originally assigned to N-Viewpoint ePayments.
You can use this form to process all of your AP invoices. Payment options include:

You cannot add invoices to the batch if they are on hold, unapproved, prepaid, or in a separate batch of any type.