Check Type

The Check Type drop-down on the AP Payment Posting form, header Info tab.

For payments made by check only, indicate the type of check used to pay this transaction.

  • C-Computer– check generated by computer

  • M-Manual– check paid manually

Note: There are two additional options available from this field: P-Prepaid and I-Import. However, you cannot manually select either one. Both indicate that the transaction has already been paid either through the AP Prepaid Process form or via the third-party application you are importing data from (via the AP Payment or AP Payment Textura import templates).
Note: If you do not want the manual check amount to be reduced by a displayed discount amount, you can use the AP Payment Control Detail program to change the discount amount before you record the payment in AP Payment Posting.
Note: The system clears this field automatically when you change the Pay Method to something other than 'C-Check'.