AP Payment Preview Form

Use the AP Payment Preview form to run the AP Payment Preview with Compliance Report for the current batch month and ID.

Access this form from AP Payment Posting by selecting Tasks > Payment Preview Report.

This report shows all payment information for the specified batch. You should run this report before printing checks to:
  • ensure that the correct invoices have been included in the batch
  • check for non-compliant subcontracts (highlighted in yellow), purchase orders (highlighted in green), and/or vendors (highlighted in pink)
  • show vendors with credit balances
You should also run this report when you need to reprint checks, as it identifies the sequence number of the checks that need reprinting. The report is sorted alphabetically by vendor sort name, so when identifying the beginning and ending sequence number for reprint, make sure to specify the sequence numbers of the first and last checks alphabetically.
Note: Although this report sorts alphabetically by vendor sort name, the name shown on the report is defaults from the Name field in the AP Payment Posting form header.