AP Payment Workfile Form

Use the AP Payment Workfile form collect and add unpaid invoices to a payment batch.

You can also use this form to edit payment-related information for transactions, whether they are for immediate payment or not.

When using this form, you can add invoices to the workfile, edit transaction information, release non-retainage hold codes, and add invoices to a payment batch.

In addition to adding invoices and editing transactions, you can override the payment address for a selected transaction using the Address Overrides tab. The system will generate a separate check for each overridden address. Typically, you will override addresses when using a temporary vendor; this allows you to reuse the same temporary vendor for multiple transactions.

Note: To prevent inadvertent data changes when preparing payments, invoices that are currently in a payment workfile cannot be accessed by any other users in any other form. Because this safety measure can result in delays in your workflow, here is a workaround if you require access to any invoice(s) currently held in another user's payment workfile:

Take ownership of the entire payment workfile by reassigning it to yourself. Select Tasks > Reassign Workfile, press F4 to select from a list of Vista users with active payment workfiles, and click Reassign.

This removes all transactions from that user's payment workfile and places them in yours. You can now do what is needed to proceed with your workflow.